YAG/garage - young art

From the experience of I Giardini d’Arte di Via Caravaggio the Young Artist Gallery/garage, for the enhancement and promotion of young art, was born. It is a fact that it is much more difficult for young people to get to know collectors, be taken into account by historical galleries, organise group and personal exhibitions and see their own work become part of a collection. Added to all this is the difficulty these artists have in meeting curators, critics, journalists and cultural operators who can give them an opportunity for visibility. The YAG/garage therefore aims to give emerging authors this kind of opportunity.  The first step was to transform a garage of about 1300 square meters into an exhibition space in which two areas were carved: one dedicated to the permanent collection and one for temporary exhibitions. The first nucleus of works of art that make up the permanent collection took place through a selection made on dozens and dozens portfolios sent by young artists. The second area of the garage has been used for the organization of temporary exhibitions where these young authors have the opportunity to deal with an exhibition project site-specific. The temporary exhibitions are enriched by public meetings to bring these artists together with curators, critics, museum directors, journalists and academic professors.

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