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Young Artist in the Hotel

Young Artist In The Hotel_YAG Garage


San Servolo Island - Venice
opening 10 may 2019 h. 17.00

exhibition 11 may 2019 - 24 november 2019

h. 8.00 - 21.00 coffee/bar area

YAG/garage art gallery in Pescara (Italy), in partnership with San Servolo Servizi, presents YOUNG ARTIST IN THE HOTEL, a project with the aim to offer to six artists of the gallery the opportunity to exhibit in the prestigious spaces of San Servolo. On the occasion of the Biennale Architettura 2018, San Servolo Servizi, with the Venice Innovation Design initiative, entrusted the task of restyling six rooms, reception and other spaces of the structure to important companies dealing with furniture and design.

This year, for the 58th International Art Exhibition six YAG/garage artists, Dario Agati, Martina Cioffi, Daniele Di Girolamo, Matteo Messori, Marco Smacchia and Manuel Tatasciore will exhibit one of their works inside each of the San Servolo restyled rooms both for making them more esclusive that for allowing guests who will occupy these rooms to have the opportunity to privately appreciate the beauty and the value of these artworks. At the same time, in the San Servolo cafeteria, other works of the same artists with almost the same subjects of those exhibited in the rooms, will be shown to the public with the possibility of being bought.


Daniele Agati
Daniele Di Girolamo
Martina Cioffi
Matteo Messori
Marco Smacchia
Manuel Tatasciore