€ 2000.00

Series of 15 framed digital photographs, fine art print on b/w cotton paper

It is an attempt to penetrate under the hard rind of appearance, to regain a relationship with the world that is based no longer on its 'posing', but on its manifestation to our eye without more tricks. The photographic project "Alethéia", based on the Warburg Nachleben, the unpredictable revival of icons that have survived the past, plays on the concept of unveiling one's identity through the metaphor of the metamorphosis of the soul, through the fall, the fracture of the veil that imprisons, like a chrysalis, the body (and symbolically the soul). His fall (made through the filmic narrativity of the series) coincides with the removal of the mask, the barriers of modesty, with the achievement of the ancestral stage of the dis-veiled object, the state of sin, phenomenal component of an inner reality, of the photographer, of the model, of a part of society.