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A lot of people thinks integration is synonymous with assimilation, conformity with the fundamental values affirmed in national constitutions, leaving some space for cultural diversity; for others it falls mainly on the shoulders of migrants, who must demonstrate willingness to adapt to our way of life, or on the shoulders of the host countries that must offer them guarantees. The title refers to the breaking down of this concept and to the cultural and identity fragmentation that it generates. The packed bags, full of stones, like ballast or coffins, is the only "baggage", the only link rooted with their land and their own self. The stones evoke the house, but a decomposed and co-closed house bringing back to instability, to uprooting, in view of the utopian construction of something new. But construction passes from meeting and integration generates order and hypocritical tranquility, not encounters; as an adaptation to a status quo, it does not presuppose an exchange but at most a dued acceptance. The work is born instead from an interaction (the preventive collection of stones, in communion between migrants and artists, documented in a video), as the possibility and hope of a future that strengthens confidence in human relations and collective interaction.